Professional Work

I have a breadth of experience producing digital tools, often as a product owner, project manager, and UX team-of-one. I work in the agile development environment. I'm such an advocate of the agile process I've driven it myself and continually guide new team members on how to work agile. 

Project Management

I've done a lot of digital project management ranging from multi-year corporate projects, phone apps, to smaller website functionality. With the help of great teams and corporate support, I've never had a project fail.

  • Lead project kick off and scoping
  • Align business and development on realistic goals
  • Manage project work backlog
  • Report out to executive sponsors and board

Product Owner

Separate from managing individual projects I've worked with business and user groups to set and manage development roadmaps over the course of several years.

  • Collect feature requests through interviews, surveys, and help line feedback
  • Prioritize requests to align with resources and business goals
  • Spec and manage development work
  • Design and oversee testing
  • Communicate and train to feature releases

User Experience

With the background as a Certified Usability Analyst, I've personally done nearly every aspect of UX work from initial research to testing completed/existing tools. 

  • User Research & persona creation
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Wireframing
  • Paper prototype testing
  • Interactive wireframe testing
  • Information architecture work
    • Cart Sorting
    • Tree testing
  • Live and remote usability testing

Speaking Engagements

I've spoken publicly about my work a few times


From time to time I write about UX in my blog, here are a few key articles