Selected Poemetry

I'm of mechanical value,
but that's so easily replaced
I'm of artistical value,
but that's so easily erased

With these hands
I can unspin a tornado
And find the corner of a circle
I'll tie a knot so tight, Alexander couldn't cut it
I'll tear down your mountain, and build up an Empire
Just untie them,
And watch

All of this is yours.
Take it from me.

Houses built too far from places of work,
Built larger than they need to be.
Owners, driving cars larger than they need,
To jobs that don't need to be done,
Living in the debt economy,
Driving inflated cars, through inflated retail parks, to inflated companies.
All of it trying to pretend it has any purpose,
Vast, incredible, waste with a thin coating of necessity.
 Suburban foam and veneer.

I do not have limits
I have thresholds
I have plateaus
I will surpass
I will exceed

and when the accountants sit down
to draw up the final tally of the world
Led Zeppelin will be there
and it won't be in parentheses
or with a negative sign
There was Led Zeppelin in this world.
also, there was you.
So at least there's that