A Philosophy of Food

  1. We eat for nutrition not to feel full. 
  2. Don't eat food that's pretending to be other food.
  3. Bread and Potatoes are filler food that don't provide much nutrition.

We eat food to give our body the things that it needs to operate well.  An ideal meal is delicious and makes you feel good. You stop eating because you have what you're body needs, not because it can't handle any more food. 

That's actually what feeling full or stuffed is, just a feeling that says our body can't handle any more food. It's just one of a lot of feelings our body uses to get the things it needs. Smell and taste are feelings that kind of guess about whether or not food will be good for us. Many other feels tell us later if something actually was good for us.

Processing food too much is like lying or tricking the senses of taste and smell. In a lot of cases it's taking things our body either doesn't like or doesn't care about and disguising them as things our body really wants. Our taste and smell guess the processed food has good stuff in it. The stomach can actually tell whether there's good stuff there. It'll tell us that it has what it needs and we don't need to eat more, or it'll let us eat until no more things fit. Thats the feeling of full.

Treating the feeling of full as a goal makes us eat more. Dishonest processed food can fill us up with things our body can't even really use so our body just tries to get rid of them and feels hungry again.

Some less deceptive foods fill us up and can store a lot of energy for later. This is only really useful if the person is going to actually need that energy for a very active lifestyle with lots of exercise and physical exertion. The body has to do a lot more work to break down, store, and use the energy in bread, corn, and potatoes. For a more modern lifestyle with regular meals and little physical labor, it's not really necessary to build up those stores of energy. Usually it just ends up as fat.

With plentiful food around and not to much that we need to physically do, it's better to just eat the food that has nutrients we need to keep our energy up between now and the next time we're going to eat. We should listen to our body about what it needs honestly, and not try to lie to it with overly processed food.

In most cases food is processed to make production and shipping less expensive and more profitable for a company. To the limited extent that food is processed to actually benefit the people eating it, the main attempt is to reintroduce nutrients that are lost through other processes. Many processed foods like soda and flavored snacks have so little nutritional value they're more like entertainment than food.

It's hard to ignore food that does actually tastes good, is usually pretty fun to eat, and is almost always the most convenient. Most of the the time this type of food doesn't really make us feel good after we eat it though. Good food makes you feel good. Deceptive food makes you feel tired, gross, greasy, and a lot of other unpleasant things. 

Surviving only on meats and nutritious, unprocessed, fruits, vegetables, and nuts definitely takes more work and more money than if you introduce the other kinds of stop-gap or filler foods between them. If you can afford the money and extra work, you'll feel a lot better.