Best Articles on the Internet

These are some of the best articles I've read on the internet

The Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel : A history of the famous continental burrito tunnel

Speed is Life : How slow can you go in the fastest plane?

Ultimate Ground Speed Check : A story of trust between copilots

Regarding Your Stupid Complaint : A story of second chances

John McAffee Interview : On survival and bribery in foreign countries

Judging Books By Their Covers : On corruption in the California textbook market

As We May Think : From WWII to Silicon Valley

How the Sun Rose On Silicon Valley : A long, detailed history of the microchip, Robert Noyce, and Silicon Valley

The Atomic Cake Controversy : The story of a cake that looked like an atomic blast

Forgotten Employee : What happens when a company forgets someone is on the payrole