Pan Fried Apple and Summer Sausage

I've looked around a bit and don't see any other examples of this dish, so it may be an entirely new creation of mine. It seems so simple that I'd believe someone else had done this before though. At the very least, I created it to my own knowledge and it's pretty simple and excellent.


  • 1 part: Summer Sausage
  • 1 part: Apple (Fuji or something you can cook a little more than red delicious but less than granny smith)


  • Cut the apples and summer sausage into 1/2" cubes
  • Heat sauté pan to medium-high
  • Add apples and sausage to pan stirring constantly for 2-5 minutes until apple is slightly brown, sausage has darker brown coloring and it smells delicious together
  • Remove from heat and transfer to serving bowl/plate

Possible Variations

Basically apples and summer sausage taste really good when cooked together. It's an open field for experimentation.

Cooking brings out some great flavors and they mix well. The fat from the sausage seems to provide enough oil to fry the apple. It wouldn't hurt to try adding smaller amounts of bacon grease, butter, olive oil, or canola too. Those would probable be most to least delicious in sequential order.

How they're sliced could change too. The 1/2" cubes seem to cook well. A 1/2" slice of apple or summer sausage should cook about the same as a cube. You would just flip instead of stir. Smaller cubes/slices would cook faster and need to be turned more often. Thicker cubes/slices would cook slower and might not build up flavor as well. 

Onion is another flavor that works well with these two. I've had one experiment with some onion involved. The specifics of how onion would improve or detract from this dish based on preparation still need to be worked out. In all likelihood, doing a decent job of sautéing an onion in the same pan as the other two ingredients would be delicious.